Mykonos Town Hall

Mykonos Town Hall Information and History. The City Hall of Mykonos is an elegant, classical two-storey building in 1780 with a tiled roof. Built in the post-Orlov period to be the base of the Russian Consul General of the Archipelago.

However, a few years later it came under the jurisdiction of the Community (the local self-governing body of the island that operated before the Revolution of 1821), to house the offices of the Municipality of Mykonos until today.

Next to it, the austere and imposing building “Mavros” was the first public school of Mykonos, built during the reign of Othon (1859) according to the plans of the Bavarian engineer Weiler, with distinctly romantic elements. The building was connected to the area of ​​the small temple of Agios Nikolaos of Kadena which was located on an island with an arched bridge.

Mykonos Town Hall

The church of Agios Nikolaos of Kadena has been in this location since at least 1700, while the islet protecting the port from the winds has been on all nautical charts since the 15th century.

On the beach is the Barracks with the arches in which the soldiers of Mantos Mavrogenos were housed, while the upper floor was her home.

Here is also the old Mavros school built in 1857 designed by the Bavarian engineer Weiler at the expense of the Egyptian Markos Mavros.
These two buildings are very important