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Terms And Conditions MYCONIANPREMIUM – Mykonos Tours Greece; The business owner of MYCONIANPREMIUM – Mykonos Tours Greece is Athens Tours Greece EE, our registered office is at 37 Andrea Siggrou Ave., 11743 Athens, Greece, and our company number is 0206E60000543201 and for Mykonos Island is 1173E60000961Y1 authorized by the Greek ministry of tourism. You can call us at +30 210 4516106 in Athens or +30 694 444 2856 on Mykonos. Email: contact us!

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Terms And Conditions MYCONIANPREMIUMMykonos Tours Greece:
• All our chauffeurs are professional drivers, always dress formally and they have excellent knowledge of English and Greek language.
• All rates include the vehicle’s and chauffeur’s hire, and fuel.
• Between the hours 23:00 – 07:00 always applies a night surcharge of 20%
• All rates are standard and are not subject to change unless Mykonos Tours Greece will inform you accordingly.
• For custom requests that are not included in this price list feel free to contact us.
• The hourly hire has a minimum of 2 hours charge.
• All of our vehicles are Mercedes-Benz. Vehicles may differ; In this case, we’ll provide you with a similar vehicle suitable in size and quality to your needs, enjoying the same high standards.
• In case the group is followed by an escort, the driver is not obliged to speak English.
• Due to the high complexity and uncertainty of contemporary transportation, as well as unexpected situations, the planned itinerary can change at any moment and our agreed pickup time may be affected by any social, economic, or environmental phenomena! Appointed and Named drivers & vehicles may change unexpectedly in case of a Force Major issue (Covid Illness of Driver, unexpected Mechanical issues, accidents, e.t.c.) and the Motability Scheme can change under the discretion of our Traffic department. Any services though will be executed as scheduled, based on the same standards as booked and reserved accordingly.

Terms And Conditions Of Mykonos Tours Greece

Taxi type means any vehicle available
On-call services mean unscheduled pre-booked transfer care services made available to clients on a 24- hour basis, giving 40 minutes ahead of time to the vehicle in order to pick you up from your point.
➢ The private services outlined here can be modified according to your need and requirements.
Luggage assistance: Your Driver will help load/unload your check-in luggage inside the vehicle and assist you in any way possible, but we do not provide luggage porter service and your driver cannot carry all your luggage for you. We suggest you make use of the readily available luggage trolleys at the airport.
When you arrive at your destination, your chauffeur will unload your luggage from the vehicle only. We do not provide porter service for luggage to and from your hotel, villa, or home premises. A porter helps guests with their luggage on arrival and departure. If you need such a service, please contact our office! The accommodation and its porters are fully responsible for bringing your luggage from the hotel, home, or villa premises to the vehicle and/or from the vehicle into the accommodation premises. If you need assistance with luggage from inside the hotel, home, or villa to your vehicle, please arrange with your concierge, porter, and/or doorman.
If you book accommodations where porter service is not available, please be sure you are able to personally bring your luggage with you as your Driver cannot carry all your luggage or accompany you inside the premises. This is especially true in cases where it is illegal or impossible for the driver to stop or park near your hotel, home, or villa.
Clients have full responsibility for their luggage. Please be sure you have all your luggage when you leave the hotel, villa, ship, yacht, Learjet, airport, or any other transportation for your arrival/departure, and when you enter or exit the vehicle. Mykonos Tours Greece and its drivers claim no responsibility for lost or forgotten luggage.

By making a booking with MYCONIANPREMIUM – Mykonos Tours Greece, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions as they may be modified and posted on our website from time to time. Continue reading the terms and conditions for the Group, Read more…