Mykonos Little Venice

Mykonos Little Venice; There’s not a single chance that you can get bored, not even for a minute, in this exciting neighborhood. Everything in this area is interesting, and there are plenty of fun things to do. Whether you are on vacation with family, friends, perhaps on a romantic honeymoon getaway, or on acruise visiting Mykonos for a day, you will find some interesting spots to spend time in.

This lively area has plenty of interesting bars, beautiful and authentic shops, and gorgeous Instagrammable spots where you can take some nice vacation photos. There are tons of fun activities you can indulge in this picturesque place.

So let’s why “Little Venice”? Originally, the area was named Alefkandra, after the nearby beach. However, like the houses that comprise this area of Mykonos’ Chora were built by merchants inspired by Venice, they started giving the district more and more a Venetian feel.

Why is Mykonos called Little Venice?

Among the numerous picturesque spots this spectacular island has to offer, Little Venice, Mykonos, is considered the most charming. This romantic neighborhood is known for its beautiful architecture and colorful old houses situated on the edge of the gorgeous Aegean Sea. There are numerous reasons why you must visit this lovely place when in Greece, and today we’re sharing some of the most interesting ones.

The History Behind It

If you ever wondered which Greek island has a “Little Venice” and what that neighborhood has to do with the real Venice – now is the time to learn about it. During the 14th century, this Cycladic island was an essential part of Venetian trade routes.

Venetian culture had a significant influence on this small town, which is visible to this day. This specific neighborhood is filled with buildings that wealthy Venetian merchants constructed back in the day. Located on the waterfront, these Italian-style houses with colorful facades and sweeping arches resemble typical Italian architecture.

Initially, this area was referred to as Alefkandra, after the nearby beach stretching right next to this quarter. Even though things changed dramatically in this area after the Ottomans took over the island in the 18th century, the neighborhood still treasures the Venetian charm.

Today, the entire community is refreshed and adapted to a great number of tourists who come to Mykonos, Little Venice, for summer vacation. It is one of the liveliest places on the island, with numerous evening events going on during the summer months.